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My current computer is about six or seven years old, and I intend buying a new one towards the end of 2015, or perhaps early 2016. It is not altogether clear at the moment whether the 'prehistoric' (in I.T. terms anyway) program that I use to design and update this web site will be compatible with the new machine's operating system. Although this will not affect the pages that are already on the web, it may well transpire that, until I revamp the whole thing, using a new program compatible with the new machine, I may not be able to update this site should the old pc fail completely before I'm ready with the new version. Therefore, if in the future, you have difficulty contacting me via the addresses on this page, please check for any changes in my RAILWAY MODELLER advert.



Well, I've had my new laptop for about a year now, but because of technical issues - my new Windows 10 machine flatly refuses to read what was previously designed on Windows XP, I am still relying on my old PC to update this web site. Hopefully, it will continue to function, but if I suddenly seem to stop adding new pages, you will all know the reason. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.


In the meantime, welcome to my web site. I am a full-time professional kit-builder and model painter with over 40 years of experience (yes, I'm knocking-on a bit!). If you are a regular reader of railway modelling magazines, you may have come across my name before, as I advertise in Railway Modeller every month. I have a world-wide reputation for quality work, and if you have used me before, you will know that this is no idle boast, but an accurate reflection of what I have to offer. It doesn't matter how large or how small the project is, from a Beyer-Garratt to a platform trolley, I will be able to help you realise your ambition to get that model you have always promised yourself, but never had the time to build. Simply write, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope, or email me if you prefer, with details of your kit, for a free, no-obligation quote.

I not only build and / or paint locomotive kits, although most of the pictures on this site are of locos - it's what I get asked to build most often, but anything you could possibly want for your railway. Whether you need rolling stock, a building, some platform furniture, personnel or a motor vehicle; in cast whitemetal, etched brass or nickel silver, plastic, resin or plaster, I can help. You won't get a cheap job from me, either in price or quality; what you will get is a finely constructed and / or painted model that you can be proud of.

On this site you will see a selection of photographs of the models I have built and / or painted over the years. Previous customers may even see some of their models gracing the various pages - thank you. Most of the models are straight-forward (!), 'out of the box' kit-built, but there are some modified kits, and also modified ready-to-run models just waiting to be discovered, which not only serve to indicate what is out there in kit form, but also what is possible to achieve in the way of individualizing your stock with a little ingenuity, whether modifying a regular kit or a proprietary model.

Unless otherwise stated, all models pictured on this web site are 4mm scale. This is not because it is the only scale I work in, but because it is Britain's most popular for railway modellers, and it is the one that just happens to make up most of my commissions. It is also the scale I model in, and some models featured are actually mine.

All models built for customers, are done so on a 'commission-only' basis, and are to their individual specifications, so no responsibility can be taken for historical inaccuracies - I just do what I'm asked..

I do not make models and offer them for sale - I simply wouldn't have the time!

This site is intentionally simple and easy to navigate. I designed it myself (with the help of the aforementioned 'prehistoric' web page program), and I'm the one who has to update it, and to be honest, I'm a bit of a 'techno-thickie'! There are up to six pictures on each page. I designed the pages like this so that if you don't possess broadband, it wouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to download each one. Please be patient - the wait will be worth it. You will notice that I have titled the pages as BR (steam and diesel), and the Big Four, post-Grouping companies - this was done for simplicity. However, you will also find, many pre-Grouping railway company models, which have been arranged under the banner of the appropriate Big Four company that absorbed the smaller ones in 1923.

Please re-visit this site regularly, as new models are added almost on a weekly basis. The most recently completed models are on the pages with the highest number in each section.



British Railways Standard Steam Locomotive Models page 1 / page 2

Great Western Railway and BR (WR) Models page 1 / page 2 / page 3 / page 4 / page 5 / page 6 / page 7 / page 8 / page 9 / page 10 / page 11 - The 'Atbaras' / page 12 / page 13 / page 14 / page 15 / page 16 / page 17 *NEW*

London Midland and Scottish Railway and BR (LMR) Models page 1 / page 2 / page 3 / page 4 / page 5 *NEW* / page 6 *NEW*

London and North Eastern Railway and BR (ER) Models page 1 / page 2 / page 3 / page 4 / page 5 / page 6 / page 7 / page 8 / page 9 / page 10 *NEW*

Southern Railway and BR (SR) Models page 1 / page 2 / page 3 / page 4 / page 5 / page 6 / page 7 / page 8 / page 9 / page 10 / page 11 / page 12 / page 13 / page 14 / page 15 *NEW*

British Railways Diesel and Electric Locomotive Models page 1 / page 2 - The Blue Pullman / page 3

Industrial and Military Models page 1

Road Vehicles page 1 / page 2

Buildings page 1


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Why build kits?

Please spend a couple of minutes to find out why kit-building is so important to our hobby.




The new owners of the tools and moulds for Nu-Cast kits, which includes the former Ks (Keyser) range, much beloved by modellers of a certain age, also the old Nu-Cast and Cotswold ranges too, are South Eastern Finecast (web site address in LINKS page). They are slowly beginning to re-issue those kits which they deem to be financially viable - bearing in mind that many locos in the range have, in the past few years, been released as ready-to-run models, so are not likely to sell well in kit form. The LNER tram engine (kit no.007), and the Sentinel shunter (kit no.120) have already been re-released, as has the GWR 16XX 0-6-0PT (kit no.262), and the much-loved GWR steam railmotor. Enquiries then, for any of these kits, should be addressed to South Eastern Finecast, but please be patient, as many of the moulds need replacing before production can begin again in earnest.



Over the past few years I have developed a number of models of locos not otherwise available in kit form, or ready-to-run for that matter, by combining parts from (usually) two different kits to produce these new 'hybrid' locos. To date, most of these have been for locos of GWR origin. They have been a mixture of customer requests, and some that I wanted for myself - and I just happen to model the 'Western'. Locos developed so far have been an 'Atbara' (page 11 of GWR models), a curved-framed 'Bulldog' (pages 12 & 13), a re-boilered De Glehn compound 'Atlantic' (page 14), a Collett 31XX large 'Prairie' (page 15), and a 'Badminton' (also page 15). A narrow-cabbed 'Duke', with full outside springing for the rear driving wheels, is currently under developement. Customers interested in any of these models, perhaps requiring further information, or wanting to commission a bespoke build, can contact me at the usual address.




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Links :- Why not visit my links page? It has access to websites of various kit manufacturers, shops and dealers, component suppliers etc, that I have used over the years, and magazines too.


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