BR Diesel and Electric Models 1


The prototype "Deltic". This model uses the body of the Dapol plastic kit, together with running gear from a Lima class 37. By today's standard this set up is rather crude, and in 2008 was rather overshadowed by the wonderful Bachmann / National Railway Museum model. However, as the ready-to-run release is a limited edition, it can be difficult to obtain, so it is quite possible that this kit-built model may be the only way some people have of acquiring one of these locos, and, if you are building it yourself, it is still a cost-effective way of obtaining a model of this rather striking loco.


This Class 37, or English Electric Type 3 if your a bit long in the tooth like me, is an O gauge model, built using a DJH kit.


A class 121 'bubble car' from Lima, painted as requested by a customer, in a non-authentic lined maroon BR coach livery.


London Transport Bo-Bo electric locomotive No.12 "Sarah Siddons" from a Harrow Model Shop kit.



This sad-eyed looking creature is a North British Type 2 diesel-hydraulic (Class 22 to you modern folks). It has a Silver Fox, one-piece resin body, powered by a modified Bachmann Class 20 chassis. The only problem with this configuration, is that the bogies do not have the spoked wheels of the prototype locos. However, apart from that, it looks the part, is quite an inexpensive way to get a Class 22, and runs beautifully - as one would expect from a Bachmann chassis.


44 002 "Helvellyn" is a conversion of a Mainline class 45. As Bachmann now have Class 44 in their range, I guess this conversion is probably unnecessary, but 10 years ago when I was asked to build this loco, it was the only way to get one.


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