BR Standard Steam Models 1


The first BR Standard loco to be constructed, was a 7P 'Pacific', in 1951. She was named "Britannia" to coincide with the Festival of Britain, which was being held on London's South Bank during the summer of that year. Despite DJH making a very good kit for the 'Britannia' class locos, nobody has ever asked me to build one. So here is mine - no.70018 "Flying Dutchman", which is a Hornby model, kitted out as can be seen, as the normal motive power for "The Red Dragon" service on my layout, Coleston. This loco features the Western Region's design of modified smoke deflectors, which were fitted to some examples of the class following a derailment at Didcot, when the crew blamed poor visibility of signals.


The 6P 'Clan' class were smaller-boilered, and therefore lighter versions of the 'Britannias', and designed for use mainly on Scottish routes. This one, no.72006 "Clan MacKenzie", was built using a DJH kit.


No.82001, a Standard class 3 2-6-2 tank, another DJH kit......


......and a weathered one.


The destruction of no.46202 "Princess Anne" - actually the rebuilt LMS 'Turbomotive', at the Harrow and Wealdstone rail disaster in 1952, left an opening in the BR loco roster for a further class 8P 'Pacific'. So this loco was authorized for construction - no.71000 "Duke of Gloucester", which was destined to be unique amongst BR Standards - as the only 8P loco. It featured Caprotti valve gear, which was also fitted to some of the class 5 4-6-0s. Built from a DJH kit.


The weathering of models is very popular these days, and I get a lot of requests to do my dirtiest! This one's pretty mucky isn't it - just like the real thing you could say (sorry Pete). No.92246 is my own Bachmann 9F, which you will see more of when I get around to featuring my layout, Coleston in these pages.



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