Buildings 1


This station building is from Townstreet Models. It is cast in plaster and is very easy to assemble. They now manufacture a huge range of railway and non-railway items, which, when properly painted, make wonderfully authentic looking structures.


This footbridge is from the Langley Miniature Models range. It is a mixture of cast white-metal and etched brass components, and as you can see, makes into a lovely model.


I told you I did platform trolleys! This whole collection of platform furniture - seats, sack trucks and parcels / luggage trolleys, again from Langley Miniature Models, comes as one brass etching.


A timber merchant's building from Ratio.


This is a low-relief factory front, built from a Langley Models kit.


This might look a little familiar.  It's origins are of course, the old Hornby GWR station footbridge kit, which is now in the Gaugemaster ''Fordhampton'' range (along with other associated Hornby kits of that era - the GWR signal box & level crossing, and the ''Dunster'' station building for example).  Only here, the kit has had to be heavily modified to fit my station, Coleston, which has four tracks running between the platforms.  So I have used parts from two such kits, joined together, to obtain the necessary span.  Also, the bridge, as designed, sits far too high above the tracks (just look at the picture on the Gaugemaster web site for kit no. GM403, it looks ludicrous, as in reality, station footbridges would generally be only a few short feet above the tops of the trains).  So the 4-section staircase flight on each side of the bridge has been reduced to just 2 sections, to give a more authentic-looking appearance.


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