Coleston - c 1950  3


57XX Class 0-6-0PT no.8763 with a 'B' set awaiting the right-of-way in the 'up' bay at Coleston.  8763 was an Old Oak Common-allocated loco, and unusually for this class of engine, was given a lined black livery for hauling empty stock trains between Paddington Station and the carriage sidings.


Churchward 43XX Class 2-6-0 no.5370 at the coal stage at Coleston shed - this loco wears the mixed-traffic lined black livery with red-backed number plates.


No.6837 "Forthampton Grange" getting some TLC by the Coleston shed cleaners.  Red-backed plates again, but this time on a plain black livery.


No.6999 "Capel Dewi Hall", one of Hawksworth's 'Modified Hall' series of locos, passes Coleston signal box with a 'down' semi-fast service.


Hawksworth 94XX pannier no.9416 shunting stone train in Coleston yard.


No.5945 "Leckhampton Hall", in mixed-traffic lined black livery, on the milk train, passes small prairie no.4558 being held in the 'up' bay, with a local passenger service.  The 'Hall' has a Hawksworth slab-sided tender, despite being one of the earlier Collett-designed locos - GWR tenders being largely interchangeable between classes.



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