Coleston - c 1950  4


No.2275, a Collett Goods over the ash pit on Coleston shed.  Those two guys shovelling ash into that wheelbarrow have their work cut out !


No.1500 on short ballast train.


'Saint' Class no.2937 "Clevedon Court" passes under the Oxford Road bridge past Preece's Brewery with an 'up' parcels train, and meets Collett Goods no.2282 on a 'down' pick-up freight.  "Clevedon Court" is coupled to a Collett 4000 gallon tender, and is in the BR mixed-traffic lined black livery - 2282 is paired with a R.O.D. tender.


Small 'Prairie' no.4536, still wearing its post-war GWR green livery, eases into the 'up' platform bay at the west end of Coleston station with a 'B' set, and meets 'Castle' Class no.5027 "Farleigh Castle" on a 'down' express, comprising Hawksworth bow-ended stock in carmine and cream livery.


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