No.7239, an example of the GWR's heavy goods 2-8-2 tanks, trundles through Coleston on the 'up' main line with a coal train bound for the capital. Guard Roger Nesbitt is striding purposefully along the 'up' platform - must be his tea break!


Porter Charlie Rawlings has a quiet 5 minutes out of sight of the station master and reads his newspaper. The 10.35 will be here soon, so he had better get that luggage loaded or there will be hell to pay.


Fred Parsons, driving Hawksworth pannier tank no.1500, looks out of his cab as he reverses a permanent way train into the 'down' siding.


No.4707, one of Churchward's impressive mixed-traffic 2-8-0s hurries though the centre road with an 'up' parcels working. That photographer is getting some cracking pictures today!


A stray dog relieves himself up against the station fencing - just don't let the station master catch him!


A Blue Pullman glides through the station on the 'down' centre road, and meets D1008 "Western Harrier" on an 'up' express.



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