'Dukedog' no.9015 over the ash pit on Coleston shed.


Ex-GWR diesel railcar no.W31W seen through the Oxford Road bridge rounding the curve past Victoria Park approaching the western end of Coleston station. Note the freshly ballasted track just beyond the bridge.


Collett-cabbed 'Mogul' no.7327 being turned.


Line up outside Coleston shed. No.4992 "Crosby Hall" is receiving some TLC from the cleaners, whilst no.5647 and no.7821 "Ditcheat Manor" look on enviously.


Large prairie no.4102 is sidelined into the platform road with a goods train, to make way for a following 'down' express.


The full 8-car Western Region Blue Pullman forming a down train approaching Coleston station.


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