The 'Westerns' were used for livery experiments in the early 1960s. D1004 is "Western Crusader", in loco green with red-backed name and number plates and yellow warning panels, passing through the station on an 'up' express. Always wishing to have a representative selection of locos operating on Coleston, I have five of them!


Myrtle, one of the station-master's cats, has found a nice quiet place to sunbathe - on top of the main station building's toilet roof!


Guard Mark Symes compliments Dave Whitehead on his allotment during a brief pause in shunting.


A truncated and disused section of canal (well, this is 1960 or thereabouts - long before they became popular holiday amenities), has been turned in to a feature by the landlord of The Barge Inn. He has even purchased an old narrow boat to use as a restaurant.


No.5423 with B-set under the footbridge at Coleston.


The award-winning, and quite honestly fabulous Kernow Models D600 'Warship' Class model - D601 "Ark Royal" speeds through Coleston on a return holiday special, up towards London, trailing a motley selection of ex-GWR coaching stock from Collett and Hawksworth, in a mixture of carmine & cream, and maroon liveries.


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