GWR and BR (WR) Models 1


No.183 "Red Gauntlet", which was one of a series of locos outshopped from Swindon works in the early part of the 20th century as 4-4-2s ('Atlantics'), and carrying names associated with the then-popular novelist Sir Walter Scott. Seen here wearing the GWR's beautiful Edwardian-style livery, which featured Indian-red frames and wheels, she was eventually rebuilt as a 4-6-0 in 1912 and renumbered as one of the 'Saint' class. Another loco of this type is featured on page 8 - see if you can spot the differences.  Built using a sadly no-longer-available Westward kit.


No.4040 "Queen Boadicea". This 'Star' class loco was built from a now no-longer-available M & L Bodyline kit, which was originally designed to use the old Airfix 'Castle' chassis and powered tender, but in this case modified to fit a Hornby 'Castle' chassis of the type produced by this firm in the 1990s.


A 70 ft steam railmotor built from a Nu-Cast kit.


A 72XX class 2-8-2 tank loco, again from a Nu-Cast kit. I've built loads of these models, and the smaller-bunkered 42XX series. They are very popular, which is probably why Hornby decided to release a ready-to-run version.


No.4702, one of G.J.Churchward's impressive mixed-traffic 2-8-0s, seen here in early post-war G.W.R. livery. This model was constructed from a Crownline kit, now no longer available, which used the old Hornby 'King' class driven tender and boiler - the rest being etched brass.


No.5018 "St. Mawes Castle" built from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


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