GWR and BR (WR) Models 13


This was the condition in which the famous 'City' class would have ended their working lives. No.3711 "City of Birmingham" (renumbered in 1910 from 3434) lost its lining as an economy measure during World War One, and is seen here in the post-1928 shade of unlined GWR green. This loco was withdrawn from service in July 1930. The model was built from a Nu-Cast kit.


Since featuring the photo of the curved-framed 'Bulldog' that I built for myself last year (see page 12), I have been swamped with orders for similar models - and I was beginning to think that Great Western was losing its popularity! Most commissions have been requested in either the unlined 1920s livery, like mine, or in the lighter shade of green of the 1930s onwards. However, one customer requested his model be finished in the earlier 'garter crest' livery with full lining, and here it is, no.3308 "Falmouth". This loco also features the more usual GWR number and name plate layout.


No.3907, one of a class of 20 'Prairie' tanks designed by Churchward for Birmingham suburban traffic in 1907. Some parts from withdrawn Dean Goods locos were used in their construction (probably just the wheels and cylinders, as the boiler and side tanks are obviously different, and so is the wheelbase). 3907 is seen here in its 1920s guise, wearing pre-1928 unlined green livery, with superheater and top-feed. Built from a Jackson Evans kit.


This was a special commission from a customer. Basically a standard Hornby large 'Prairie', renumbered as 8109, repainted to BR lined green livery and weathered. The 'extra', was a touch of 1960s graffiti, which my customer remembers seeing the real loco wearing when he was a child - close up below.


Anyone remember the TV series?


No.3701 "Gibraltar" is a 'City' class loco. It was one of ten 'Atbaras' rebuilt with the larger standard no.4 boilers and amalgamated into the 'City' class between 1907 and 1909. As can be seen, the reboilered 'Atbaras' retained their previous nameplates, without the "City of ....." prefix carried by the rest of the class. This is a Bachmann model, repainted to the early 1920s plain green livery.


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