GWR and BR (WR) Models 17


An interesting conversion project, performed by a customer, and sent to me for painting.. Based on a Hornby 'Railroad' model, this is No.3802 "County Clare", one of the original versions of G.J.Churchward's 4-4-0 'County' class locos, with straight footplate along under the cab, and square drop-down section ahead of the smokebox, leading to the buffer beam. Painted here in the 1920's livery for these locos, unlined pre-1928 green.


This delightful little vehicle is a 13 Ton, Dia. AA7 'Toad' brake van - basically a shortened version of the standard AA3 vans, with only a 9 ft. wheelbase, 16 ft over headstocks, and a proportionally smaller verandah.  Built circa 1898, and originally stationed at Acton, for use on the Metropolitan Railway's lines into London.  Built from a Connoisseur Models kit.  


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