GWR and BR (WR) Models 19


No.3245 is a Dean 3232 Class 2-4-0, seen here in the lovely Indian red-framed livery of the early 20th Century.  This shows a loco in practically the as-built condition for this class - round-topped firebox, large-spectacled cab front, 'wooden' cab roof, and open coal rails to the tender.  Later on in their lives, these locos were given Belpair fireboxes, which necessitated a smaller-spectacled cab front.  They were then fitted with a metal cab roof, and the open coal rails were replaced with the later-pattered solid raves to the top of the tender sides.  Built from a Brassmasters kit.


An example of one a number of 'Iron Mink' vans which were converted for departmental use -  this particular one, a tool van.  Others were converted into sand vans, whitewash vans, sawdust vans, a compressor van, and for numerous other uses, often lasting into BR days.  This conversion was carried out by my friend David Brighty from a Ratio kit, just leaving the painting etc to me, so that I could give it an identity appropriate to my own layout.  


No. 6866 "Morfa Grange", seen here in an early version of the nationalized British Railways livery - basically GWR plain green with British Railways spelled out in full on the tender side, but in Great Western-style lettering. 


This unusual-looking vehicle is  'Rotank' wagon.  Designed by the GWR in the early 1930s for the carriage of road tank wagons (usually trailers like this one) on specially-constructed or modified 6-wheeled flat trucks.  The 6-wheeled truck for this model is a modified Lima milk-tank chassis, topped with a now hard-to-obtain Coopercraft tank trailer.  Again built for me by my friend David Brighty, because he loves doing this kind of thing, and I haven't the time !


Another scratch-built masterpiece by my good friend, David Brighty, who loves nothing better than spending hours on end creating little gems like this, from plastic card, and whatever he has lurking around his workshop.  This is a 'Mink F', sometimes referred to as a bogie 'Iron Mink'.  These vehicles were equipped with vacuum brakes and heavy freight bogies, as they were designed for overnight express freight services.   A train of these would be the perfect load for the Churchward 47XX 2-8-0 locos, which themselves were nicknamed 'Night Owls', because similarly, they were normally employed on these fast overnight freight trains.


A 2721 Class 0-6-0PT, in weathered early BR plain black goods livery.  This is an old Hornby model, with extra detailing.


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