GWR and BR (WR) Models 2


This loco, which looks like it is in ex-works condition (!), is an 'Armstrong Standard Goods', or 388 Class.  Introduced in 1866, and looking much like this, with round-topped firebox, brass dome, and outside springing to the tender.  They had very long lives, with the last one, no.1195 not being withdrawn until 1934.  Their appearance changed several times during their lifetime, with numerous different designs of boilers being fitted, and eventually the tenders changed to that of a William Dean type.  See page 21 for a model in circa 1930 condition.  Built for a customer (who was going to add his own choice of number plate once he received it) from a Nu-Cast kit.


A Hornby 2721 class 0-6-0 PT, given a late-1940s BR livery, some judicious weathering, and a fireman cooking his breakfast!


The famous "City of Truro". Sporting the Edwardian-period livery, which it still carries in preservation, of Indian-red frames and wheels. It was constructed from a Nu-Cast kit.


The ubiquitous Dean Goods. This one was built from a Nu-Cast kit too.


No.36 is another William Dean design, this time the unique 'Crocodile' outside-framed 4-6-0 in the beautiful Indian-red-framed livery from the early 20th century. This model was constructed from an Alan Gibson kit.


Indian-red frames again (what makes you think I like this livery?), this time adorning 'Duke of Cornwall' Class 4-4-0 No.3280 "Falmouth", built from a Nu-Cast kit.


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