GWR and BR (WR) Models 3


Another Nu-Cast 70ft Railmotor. This version carries the crimson lake livery used on coaching stock from about 1912 until the Grouping.


A Collett Goods 0-6-0 of the 2251 class. It is basically a standard Bachmann model, but it is coupled to a Churchward 3000 gallon tender, as was most of the original batch when built, until recently available as a separate kit from Nu-Cast.


No.2282, another Bachmann Collet Goods, only this time towing an ex-Great Central Railway tender acquired by the GWR when they purchased a number of Robinson R.O.D. 2-8-0 freight locos after the First World War. As the R.O.D.s were scrapped, it was common to attach the still-serviceable tenders to other locos, Collett Goods and 'Aberdares' among them. Again, this tender is from Nu-cast.


A 39XX class 2-6-2 tank of a 1907 Churchward design, incorporating parts from withdrawn Dean Goods locos. This model was constructed from a Jackson Evans kit.


A 28XX heavy freight 2-8-0 - an old Hornby loco, made to look a little more realisic with a heavy dose of weathering.


This one though, has been modified with a Collett cab (donated by a Mainline 'Manor'). Add a fire-iron tunnel and modify the motion bracket, and you have another class in your collection - a 2884 to be precise.


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