GWR and BR (WR) Models 4


No.6014 "King Henry VII" as streamlined in 1935 for, it has to be said, no other reason than publicity. This conversion of a standard Hornby model was done for a customer who 'just wanted something different'.


A 'Dukedog' or 'Earl' class loco, constructed from a Nu-Cast kit.


No.6848 "Toddington Grange" constructed from a Westward kit.


Another one of Churchward's handsome 47XX class 2-8-0s, No.4706 was built from a Falcon Brassworks kit.


This is one of the 'Bird' series of 'Bulldog' Class locos, No.3454 "Skylark". A Nu-Cast kit, painted in post-war GWR livery.


This little beauty is a 517 Class 0-4-2 tank. They were I suppose, the forerunners of the ever-popular 48xx (later 14xx) Collett auto-tanks (see page 6). This is a model of no.1473 "Fair Rosamund", which was a regular performer on the Woodstock branch in Oxfordshire until withdrawal in 1935. 'She' was constructed from an Alan Gibson kit. For you history buffs, the human "Fair Rosamund" was a mistress of King Henry II (I've no idea if she was a little beauty too I'm afraid!). Another version of this kit can be found on page 7.



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