GWR and BR (WR) Models 6


A Churchward 1361 class 0-6-0 dock shunter, built from a Nu-Cast kit.


No.1366 is the Collett development of the above, this time from a DJH kit.


This is my Dean Goods. Basically a Hornby model, but fitted with Comet loco and tender chassis. This not only improves the appearance immensely by removing the unsightly gears that were visible under the left hand side of the tender, but also improves the performance. The tender also has a modified coal space - with real coal.


This is No.5904 "Kelham Hall", and was the last loco to be paired with the unique Collett 8-wheeled tender, which is how it is modelled in this picture. The tender had many partners during its 27 year life - mostly 'Castles', but also a 'Star' and two other 'Halls'. A kit for this tender used to be available from Falcon Brassworks, but this one uses a Hornby top, and a Mainly Trains chassis kit with scratch-built parts for the 8-wheeled configuration.


No.7327 is a Collett-cabbed 'Mogul'. For a time, these locos were fitted with heavy cast iron weights behind the front buffer beam, in an attempt to help ease wear on the front drivers. They were then numbered in the 93xx series, and colour coded red for route availability purposes. These weights were removed in the 1950s, thus making the locos lighter, and they were then re-coded blue, and renumered into the 73xx series. This loco started out as a straight-forward Bachmann 43xx, but I modified it with the help of an old M&L Premier Lines conversion kit.


No.1471 is of course, a Collett 48xx (later 14xx), designed for auto-train working. This model was built from a Nu-Cast kit.


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