GWR and BR (WR) Models 7


No.5744 was a Didcot engine in the late 1950s, and was fitted with this spark-arresting chimney to enable it to safely work the provender stores there. This was a very easy modification of a standard Bachmann model - just replace the chimney.


This beautiful loco is Dean Single no.3013 "Great Britain", and is arguably one of the most stylish and elegant locos ever constructed. Constructed from a Model and Leisure kit - sadly no longer in production.


No.7239 is one of my locos, and is a detailed version of the very popular Nu-Cast kit.


This is an ex-Barry Railway 'J' Class 2-4-2T, built using a Redcraft kit.


This little beauty is a 'River' class 2-4-0. A William Dean design, it is one of a class of eight locos reconstructed from old single-wheelers, which were themselves renewals of even older Gooch engines, and originally used for express passenger duties in the late 19th century. This model was built by a customer from a Peter K kit, and sent to me for painting.


This is no.1473 "Fair Rosamund" again (see page 4), only this time in a slightly earlier guise, with an open cab and a straight, upright bunker back. You will also notice that the number plate is in a different place, and the whistles are different too - quite authentic, as a 1921 vintage photograph was copied. This model was built using an Alan Gibson kit as before, and all these variations (and indeed others too) can be accommodated in this kit.


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