GWR and BR(WR) Models 8




This little beauty is a Churchward 44xx class 2-6-2T. The forerunner of the more numerous 45xx, this class numbered only ten examples. They were designed primarily for west country branches, and differed from the 45xx class by having the typical Churchward square drop frame to the running plate just ahead of the cylinders, and smaller driving wheels. This model is built from a Nu-Cast kit.


No. 3214 is another 'Barnum' class loco (see page 5), only this time, as you can see, it wears the Edwardian indian red-framed livery.


Here we have another delightful little Victorian loco, this time a Beyer-Peacock 322 class. With its lovely curved framing and flying cranks, she is a very interesting companion to standard goods locos by Armstrong (page 2) and Dean (page 6). This model was built from a Nu-Cast kit.


This unusual loco is an ex-Barry Railway 'H' class 0-8-2T. I'm not too sure about the origins of this kit-built loco, because it was sent to me for a repaint - interesting creature though, and a reminder that not all Great Western locos looked the same!


This is lovely. A bit of kit-modification here. No.3366 "Restormal" was constructed from a Nu-Cast 'Bulldog' kit, but back-dated with a parallel boiler and a tender with open coal rails. The combined name/number plates really set it off I think, and coupled with the beautiful indian red-framed livery - well, just magic!


Another 'Atlantic', this time no.181 "Ivanhoe". Compare this loco with the picture of "Red Gauntlet" on page one, and see if you can spot the differences. The tender lining and insignia is what probably sticks out the most, but also it has a shorter smokebox, which indicates that the loco is of a slightly earlier period - in 'as built' condition actually, with a non-superheated (saturated) boiler. A Westward kit.


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