GWR and BR(WR) Models 9


No.6853 "Morehampton Grange" is basically a standard Hornby model. Except Hornby has never to date (November 2010), released a 'Grange' in this livery, with a Collett 3500 gallon tender, as seen here. Sometimes called an 'intermediate' tender, probably because in size, it looks to be in between the Churchward 3500 gallon version, which I believe all the class were paired with when new, and the Collett 4000 gallon one, with which many of the class ended their lives, I think it suits these locos particularly well.


This unusual loco, no.2370, is an outside-framed Dean Goods, or a 2361 class to give it its correct GWR classification. Constructed from a Nu-cast kit, it is not currently available, which is sad because it makes into a lovely loco, and an interesting variation on the GWR outside-framed theme.


Another interesting outside-framed loco. No.127 is an ex-Rhymney Railway 'K' class 0-6-2T, seen here in plain GWR green without insignia, as requested by my customer. This model was built using a C.L.Lester etched-brass kit. I know nothing of this manufacturer, but a certificate inside the box stated that this was no.42 of a limited edition of 50 kits, so it is probably no longer available, although you may be lucky digging around in a box at a show one day!


This is no.9704, a member of a small sub-class of 57xx pannier tanks, fitted with condensing apparartus to enable them to work the tunnels into Smithfield meat market in London. I'm afraid I do not know the origins of this particular body-only kit, as I bought it partially dismantled from a dealer (now retired) in a plastic bag for a tenner a few years ago - I've only just got around to building it! After deliberately immersing it in paint stripper, which made the whole thing fall apart, I re-made the kit with a little extra detailing, and adapted it to fit a Bachmann 57xx ready-to-run chassis.


This is no.3834, one of Collett's 2884 class 2-8-0 heavy freight engines, unusually coupled to a 4000 gallon tender. Built from a Falcon Brassworks kit.


This really cute little chappie is former Cambrian Railways 2-4-0T no.1197. Built from a GEM body kit with an etched chassis from Mainly Trains.


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