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I rarely get asked to build models of industrial or military railway subjects, which is why it has taken me so long to get around to adding this page to the web site. However, in the past few years, I have had a number of such commissions - so here they are.

Also in this section of the site, you will find models for some of the minor railways dotted around the British Isles in years past, and also perhaps the odd freelancer.



This loco, War Department no.132 "Sapper", is a modified and detailed Hornby J94/Austerity 0-6-0T. The nameplates, as well as the special cabside ones were made for me by Guilplates in Guildford. The modifications requested by my customer, included the ladders rising up the side of the saddle tank from the footplate, triple coal rails mounted on top of the bunker, a tool box just in front of the cab (visible in the photo here), and a vacuum ejector pipe alongside the saddle tank on the right hand side. Details were copied from photographs of the full-size loco in preservation.


This interesting, and unusual-looking loco is an example of what was described as a 'Standard 12 inch Mineral Engine', by its manufacturers Neilson & Co. of Glasgow from around 1874. The design was popular with contractors, colliery owners and industrial users, and remained in production for many years. Built from a High Level kit, with bespoke ''Skye'' nameplates from Guilplates.


This is "Simon", a Sentinel diesel shunter, who used to work for I.C.Johnson's cement works at Greenhithe near Dartford in Kent.  A standard Hornby loco, repainted to my customer's specification, and fitted with bespoke etched plates from Guilplates.


"Isla" here is a Black Hawthorn 0-4-0 saddle tank, of the type constructed by the long-vanished Gateshead firm in the late 19th century for industrial use.  Built from a High Level kit, using the appropriate distinctive-pattern driving wheels from Alan Gibson, and featuring bespoke nameplates from Guilplates.


This is an example of a Manning Wardle 'Old Class i' 0-6-0ST.  The first ones were constructed around 1859, and over the years often went through numerous modifications, some being referred to as 'Class k' after certain alterations were carried out.  The two most well-known real-life locos of this type, are probably Colonel Stephen's Shropshire and Montgomery Railway "Morous", which later joined sister engine "Sidlesham" on the Selsey Tramway - although these two locos had detail differences to one another, and "Siwan", shown here, is not actually based on either.  Built from an R.T. Models kit, fitted with authentic-pattern driving wheels from Alan Gibson, and bespoke nameplates by Guilplates.


This is a Kerr Stuart 'Victory' Class 0-6-0T, one of a number of such locos built in 1917 as part of the war effort.  After the Great War, the government sold them off to minor railways, docks, and collieries.  This particular one, No.4 of the East Kent Railway, part of the Colonel Stephens empire, was unique in that it was fitted with a raised top to the cab.  Constructed from a CSP Models kit. 


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