LMS and BR (LMR) Models 1

(also Midland Railway, London & North Western Railway, Caledonian Railway, Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway, Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, and North London Railway)


No.46230 "Duchess of Buccleuch", constructed from a DJH kit no.K101. This model depicts one of the locos that were built in non-streamlined form. You will notice that the running plate ahead of the cylinders has a curved drop-down section down to the buffer beam. See page 3 and spot the difference.


No.11116, an ex-Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 'Baltic' tank (a 4-6-4 in other words), constructed from a Millholme Models kit.


No.6202, the famous Stanier 'Turbomotive'. This particular model was constructed using a Nu-Cast kit. However, I have also built one of these using a Hornby 'Princess' as a donor and Nu-Cast parts for the conversion, which, although not totally accurate in certain respects, does make the project a little more affordable, and is an easier task if you are doing it yourself and are not too confident about kit-building.


No.4975, an LMS variation on the Beyer-Garratt principle, again built from a Nu-Cast kit.


No.10428, an ex-Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 'Dreadnought' 4-6-0 in early LMS livery, from a Millholme Models kit.


No.53801, one of the famous ex-Somerset and Dorset Railway 7F 2-8-0s, from a DJH kit.



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