LMS and BR (LMR) Models 2


No.2290 is of course, the famous Lickey banker - always affectionately known as 'Big Bertha', in Midland Railway livery (see page 6 for the BR version).  Built from a DJH kit.


No.2156 is one of the 'Tilbury Tanks', constructed from a Nu-Cast kit.


An old, and no-longer-available, K's kit was the basis of this very elegant Midland Railway 'Spinner'. I stress 'basis', because the kit had to be constructed to EM gauge standards for this particular project, and also modified for loco-power as opposed to tender-power of the original kit. More work than I bargained for, I must admit - turned out nice though! This model wears the Victorian-era version of the Midland Railway livery - for another 'Spinner', in the later, Deeley-era livery, see page 4.


A Beyer-Peacock 'Metro' tank in the lined-green Victorian livery of the London and North Western Railway. This model was built from an IKB Models kit.


Another LNWR loco. This time a 'Precursor' tank in the more well-known lined black livery. Built from a GEM kit.


Another LNWR GEM kit, this time one of the famous 'Cauliflower' goods locos.


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