LMS and BR (LMR) Models 5


This delightful little loco is a Kirtley 800 class 2-4-0, dating originally from the 1870s. Built by a customer from an old Jidenco kit and sent to me for painting.


Another ex-Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 'Dreadnought' 4-6-0 (see page 1). This one, no.10449, apart from being paired with a 6-wheeled tender, wears another variation of the early post-Grouping LMS livery, the short-lived style which featured the number on the tender, and small LMS letters in gilt on the cab side. Built from a Millholme Models kit.


Another lovely little pre-Grouping loco. No.254 is a Johnson-designed 1400 class 2-4-0, seen here in the early LMS livery, which, as can be seen, features the running number on the tender, and the LMS roundel on the cab side. Built from a London Road Models kit.


This is an interesting little conversion, carried out by a customer, and sent to me for painting and lining into the Deeley-era Midland Railway red livery that you see here. It is a model of a Johnson 483 class, which began life a Hornby LMS 2P. It has been fitted with an etched chassis kit from Comet, then had replacement chimney and dome from Alan Gibson. Other boiler fittings have been changed too, to make the loco right hand drive, which was normal Midland Railway practice - the Hornby 2P is left hand drive. The conversion was completed by an etched brass tender kit from London Road Models.




This is where the old London bus analogy seems to be appropriate - you know the one, you stand around for hours waiting for a London bus, and then two come along at once. Well, after decades of building kits, I had never built one of the DJH Models' Caledonian Railway / London Midland & Scottish Railway 439 class 0-4-4T, and now two have come my way in a year!


The first one, as can be seen, is in Caledonian Railway livery (and lightly weathered), as no.445, and is fitted, as was CR practice, with a 'lipped' chimney and Salter safety valves.


No.55222 on the other hand, is finished in early BR lined black livery, and features LMS boiler fittings, including a stove-pipe chimney, Ross 'pop' safety valves, and a vacuum ejector pipe along the top left-hand-side of the boiler.


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