LMS and BR (LMR) Models 7


A pair of lovely 'Premiere Line' locomotives, built by a customer from GEM kits and sent to me for painting and lining.


A George Whale-designed 'Precursor' 4-4-0 no.2166 "Shooting Star", in London & North Western Railway lined black livery.


Another Whale design, this time an 'Experiment' 4-6-0 no.2624 "Saracen", again in LNWR livery.




No.6229 "Duchess of Hamilton" in streamlined form.  Built and painted by a customer from a DJH kit, and sent to me for lining.


A scratch-built large-boilered 'Claughton', acquired by a customer, unpainted, and then sent to me for finishing, as un-named no.6004, in lightly-weathered LMS crimson lake livery.


This is no.1304 "Jeanie Deans", a member of the LNWR's 'Teutonic' class.  This model was sent to me for final completion and painting, after my customer's previous kit-builder had to retire due to ill health.  Built from a London Road Models kit.



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