LMS and BR (LMR) Models 7


A pair of lovely 'Premiere Line' locomotives, built by a customer from GEM kits and sent to me for painting and lining.


A George Whale-designed 'Precursor' 4-4-0 no.2166 "Shooting Star", in London & North Western Railway lined black livery.


Another Whale design, this time an 'Experiment' 4-6-0 no.2624 "Saracen", again in LNWR livery.




No.6229 "Duchess of Hamilton" in streamlined form.  Built and painted by a customer from a DJH kit, and sent to me for lining.


A scratch-built large-boilered 'Claughton', acquired by a customer, unpainted, and then sent to me for finishing, as un-named no.6004, in lightly-weathered LMS crimson lake livery.


This is no.1304 "Jeanie Deans", a member of the LNWR's 'Teutonic' class.  This model was sent to me for final completion and painting, after my customer's previous kit-builder had to retire due to ill health.  Built from a London Road Models kit.


A 7mm scale 4-wheeled parcels van, in the beautiful lined Prussian blue livery of the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway.  This is a project from many years ago (hence the style and quality of the photograph), before I had to give up doing models from the larger scales, due to the fact that they took too much time to complete, and 4mm scale work started to dominate my professional life.


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