LNER and BR (ER) Models 11


Here is another Great Northern Railway J21 class 0-6-0.  Similar to the picture of no.15 on the previous page, but this version depicts one of the superheated-boilered locos.  Quite apart from the different livery, this version has many detail differences, including a higher-pitched boiler, and therefore cut-down boiler fittings, longer frames and therefore longer running plate too, smaller cut-away sections in the cab side-sheets, different-shaped cab spectacle plate openings, and the cab itself is placed further back on the extended running plate.  This variation of the class also has different-shaped front sand-boxes, with no sand boxes behind the centre driving-wheel splasher, as found on the saturated-boilered locos.    Having different valve gear, the tail shafts which protrude out from under the smokebox front are also of a different design.  Due perhaps to the multitude of differences between the 'saturated' and the 'superheated' locos, after the Grouping in 1923, the LNER decided to separate the two classes - these locos becoming J2s.  Again, this loco was built from Ace Kits components.


No.62970 was the last surviving ex-NER 'Z' class 'Atlantic' (LNER C7).  Although having been taken in to BR stock in 1948, and actually allocated a BR running number, it was withdrawn before receiving its BR livery, so this model's livery treatment is, I suppose, largely academic - looks good though !  Built from a DJH kit.


No.1016 is an example of the square-tanked version of the C2 'Atlantic' tanks.  These were earlier versions of the locos found on page 7, which had round fronts to the side tanks.  Built from a London Road Models kit.


This is a pre-Grouping, North Eastern Railway 'V' class 'Atlantic', designed by Wilson Worsdell in 1903.  The origin of this model is unclear, as it was obtained by my customer, and just sent to me for painting.


No.1001 is a Great Northern Railway H4 'Mogul' (re-designated K3 by the LNER at the Grouping in 1923).  Built from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


An LNER 9' wheelbase, 6-plank open wagon, built from a Four Most Models kit.


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