LNER and BR (ER) Models 12


A pair of Great Northern Railway J22 0-6-0s (LNER J6 after the Grouping), nos.595 and 602, built from old Nu-Cast kits - a kit incidentally which has recently (2019) been re-introduced by Nu-Cast Partners.  This is a good alternative to the etched brass London Road Models kit (see page 6 photo 4), as being cast whitemetal, it is simpler and quicker to assemble.


A variation on the Great Northern Railway J22 theme.  No.25 here is one of a series of 20 saturated-boiler locos, built circa 1910, distinguished by their straight running plates (as opposed to the curved running plates of the locos pictured above).  These engines were reclassified as J5 by the LNER after the Grouping.  Built from a London Road Models kit.


The ex-LNER A2 'Pacific' class of mixed traffic locomotives (with 6'2'' driving wheels) is actually made up of four markedly different sub-classes.  The first to appear were the 1943 Edward Thompson rebuilds of the six Gresley's P2 Class 2-8-2s, which were originally constructed between 1934 and 1936 specifically for Edinburgh to Aberdeen expresses.    Due to wartime restrictions, this rebuilding had to be carried out as economically as possible, which gave rise to the rather unusual, and it's probably fair to say ugly positioning of the cylinders.  These engines were classified A2/2.  The following year, Thompson built four new locomotives along the same lines as the A2/2s, but with V2 boilers.  The loco above, no.60508 "Duke of Rothesay" being one of these new builds, and classified A2/1.  With the end of World War II in sight, Thompson received authorization to build fifteen more 'Pacifics', which, incorporating some detail differences were classified A2/3.  When Thompson retired in 1946, his successor Arthur Peppercorn designed his own 'Pacifics' - the 6'2''-driver variety being classified simply as A2.  The Peppercorn 'Pacifics' had a redesigned cylinder layout, which made them aesthetically more pleasing to the eye - see page 3 for a comparison between Thompson and Peppercorn A2 'Pacifics'.  The model above was built from a PDK kit.  


No.480 is  Gresley O2/1 heavy freight 2-8-0, built from a PDK kit, and seen here in Great Northern Railway grey livery.




A pair of Great Northern Railway K1 Class 0-8-0s now, both built from London Road Models kits.  The GNR built versions of these locos with two different valve gears, and some were superheated.  These variations show up as only detail differences in the photos, but these differences were sufficient to prompt the LNER to split them into two separate classes after the Grouping in 1923.


No.422 is an early saturated-boiler loco, as originally fitted with horizontal slide valves - these would become Q1 Class after the Grouping.


No.453 represents a later-built loco fitted with piston valves, which took up more room within the frames, so the frames (and the running plate) had to be lengthened by 9 inches, and the boiler raised by 2 inches.  The piston valve tail rods were more prominent, and can be seen just below the smokebox door.  This version of the K1 was classified as Q2 by the LNER.


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