LNER and BR (ER) Models 13


No.3401 "Bantam Cock", is a V4 Class loco, and was Sir Nigel Gresley's last design before his death in 1941.  Only two locos were built, the other, no.3402, remained un-named, although enginemen often referred to it as "Bantam Hen"!  This model was built from an ABS Models kit.


No.838 is a Great Central Railway 9H Class, seen here wearing that company's simplified World War 1 goods loco livery of plain black.  The normal GCR livery for goods locos around this time was black with red and white lining, but as the Great War progressed, all lining was discontinued as an economy measure, never to be re-instated.  In post-Grouping LNER days, these locos were designated J10.  Built from a DJH kit, with bespoke number plates by Guilplates.


Another Great Central loco in plain black livery.  No.300 is a Robinson 9J, later re-classified J11 by the LNER.  Built from a Little Engines kit, and again fitted with bespoke number plates by Guilplates.


No.1646 is a Gresley H3 'Mogul', in Great Northern Railway livery.  These locos were re-classified as Class K2 by the LNER after Grouping.  The loco was built from a Nu-Cast kit, and coupled to an etched-brass tender from London Road Models.


No.1271 is a Great Eastern Railway D81 Class, seen here in that company's post-1921 grey livery, which featured large yellow numbers on the side of the tender, instead of Great Eastern ownership markings.  These locos were re-classified as J20 by the LNER after the Grouping in 1923.  The basis of this model was an etched brass PDK kit (PDK50).  Unfortunately, the kit as supplied only makes up into the LNER round-topped firebox model, so I had to backdate it to Great Eastern days by fabricating a Belpaire firebox and substituting pre-Grouping boiler fittings too.  The livery is very distinctive - probably rather impractical for a steam locomotive, but the red coupling rods really set it off nicely.  Bespoke cabside number plates by Guilplates.


Another Great Eastern Railway 0-6-0 wearing the 1921 grey livery - no.523 is a Y14 Class - J15 after the Grouping.  Built from a Nu-Cast kit, and again featuring bespoke cabside number plates by Guilplates.  


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