LNER and BR (ER) Models 14


A Great Eastern Railway T26 Class 2-4-0, in the light grey livery of immediately prior to the Grouping.  These locos were re-classified E4 by the LNER in 1923.  Built from a Nu-Cast kit, with bespoke cabside number plates by Guilplates.


Ivatt D3 no.1303, in Great Northern Railway livery.  Built from a London Road Models kit.


Another elegant Ivatt 4-4-0 - this time a D2 Class, no.1313.  These locos were reclassified as D4 by the LNER.  Built once again, from a London Road Models kit.


No.1233 is a Great Eastern Railway G58 Class 0-6-0, seen here in that railway's light grey livery of the early 1920s.  These locos were re-classified as J17 under the LNER.  I've no idea whose kit this loco was originally made from, as it was just sent to me for re-gauging to EM gauge and repainting.  Bespoke number plates from Guilplates.


An LNER Sentinel steam railcar, in the fictitious Prussian Blue livery requested by my customer.  Bespoke "Guinevere" nameplates from Guilplates.


This is a Great Eastern Railway 209 Class 0-4-0ST (LNER Y5), painted in a fictitious livery requested by my customer.  It is basically a development of the Neilson & Co. '12 Inch Mineral Engine' (see Industrial, Military and Minor-Railway Models page 1), with the addition of an enclosed cab, and a few other detail fittings.  Built from a High Level kit, with bespoke "Regan" nameplates by Guilplates.




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