LNER and BR (ER) Models 15


No. 1504 is an S69 Class 4-6-0, designed by Holden for the Great Eastern Railway, and seen here in that company's post World War One light grey livery, with large numbers on the tender sides replacing the original GER lettering.  After the Grouping in 1923, the LNER reclassified these locos as Class B12, and later rebuilt them with Gresley round-topped boilers, replacing the originally-fitted Belpaire-firebox version depicted here, and also removed the ornate valances.  I've no idea of the origins of the kit used to produce this model, as the already-built loco was bought second-hand at auction by my customer, and just sent to me for re-gauging to EM gauge and repainting.


No.509 "Prince Albert" is a Great Central Railway 11F, or 'Improved Director' Class 4-4-0 (LNER Class D11 after the Grouping in 1923).  This is basically a Bachmann model which has been converted to EM gauge with the use of an Alan Gibson conversion kit, then renumbered / renamed using bespoke plates from Guilplates.


Over the years, I've built lots of these locos (see pages 7 and 11 for further examples) - so many indeed, that I'm a little surprised that to date (late 2021) no ready-to-run manufacturer has released one yet, as in my experience as a kit-builder, they are very popular.  It is of course, an Great Northern Railway C2 'Atlantic' (4-4-2) tank, a class which became C12 after the Grouping in 1923, when they came under the ownership of the LNER.

They come in many guises: with or without condensing apparatus; with square corners to the tanks and bunkers, or rounded corners; and open coal rails, or filled-in ones (to prevent small lumps of coal falling out of the bunker).  There are also variations in boiler fittings, and design of handrails, so numerous options are available to the modeller.  Also, because they remained in service for so many years, a variety of options are available concerning authentic liveries, as, apart from the Great Northern livery shown above, LNER and BR liveries are also correct. 

This model was built using a Craftsman Models kit, but previous examples I have constructed have used both Nu-Cast and London Road Models kits.


This handsome and impressive-looking loco is a Great Central Railway 9N Class (later Class A5 after the Grouping).  Built from a Craftsman Models kit with bespoke number plates from Guilplates.



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