LNER and BR (ER) Models 2


No.6097, one of Robinson's "Immingham" class B4 4-6-0s built for the Great Central Railway. This loco was constructed from a now obsolete Nu-Cast kit.


Class A8 4-6-2T No.2162, built from a DJH kit.


The impressive looking W1 class 4-6-4, the "Hush Hush". This loco had an experimental water-tube boiler designed for marine use. Wearing the distictive dark battleship grey livery, this model was built from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


The W1 again, only this time as rebuilt in 1937 with a normal boiler in the style of Gresley's A4 Pacifics. Renumbered 60700 by BR, she lasted until 1959. Again built from an SEF kit.


No.2404 "City of Ripon" is a mish-mash in almost every sense of the word. The original loco was designed for the North Eastern Railway by Sir Vincent Raven, and then rebuilt by Gresley with his A1 class boiler, firebox and cab. The DJH kit, on which this model is based, was actually of the original loco, but I was asked to "do a Gresley" and construct it with the new boiler etc in the style shown in the photograph.


A Gresley A1 Pacific, No.2570 "Papyrus" from a DJH kit.


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