LNER and BR (ER) Models 3


No.60508 "Duke of Rothesay" is a Thompson A2/1 class loco , built from a now obsolete Nu-Cast kit.


This is Peppercorn's variation on the A2 theme - note the different position of the cylinders, compared with the Thompson A2/1 pictured above. No.60526 "Sugar Palm" was constructed from a DJH kit.


No.3286, one of the handsome Ivatt large-boilered "Atlantics" of class C1. From a DJH kit.


This is the product of another kit-bashing session. A customer wanted a K4, but no kit was available. When we discovered that the prototype locos used, what was basically a shortened B17 boiler, we were in business. Hornby make B17, and as the rest of a K4 is the same as the K3 class, I was able to simply modify the Hornby boiler and fit it to a South Eastern Finecast kit of a K3. The result - mogul No.3441 "Loch Long".


This is an ex-Great Central Railway Robinson C4 "Atlantic" constructed from an old Nu-Cast kit.


Another Ivatt "Atlantic", this time a small-boilered version. No.3259 is of class C2, nicknamed "Klondykes", and is built using a DJH kit.


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