LNER and BR (ER) Models 5


No.67248 is a Worsdell-designed, ex-LNER G5 class 0-4-4T, built using a London Road Models kit.


This is another handsome Ivatt 4-4-0 (see page 4), again in Great Northern Railway livery. No.1343 is a D3 class, and was built from an M&L Premier Line kit.


No.62469 "Glen Douglas" is an ex-North British Railway loco, and was built from a GEM kit.


This interesting vehicle is a 4 wheeled pigeon van, and is built from a Chivers Finelines kit.


This vehicle needs little introduction - a Gresley full brake, in early 1950s BR crimson livery, built from an Ian Kirk kit, now marketed by Cooper Craft.


No.2166 is a C7 class (ex-NER Z class) "Atlantic", wearing the LNER's lined Darlington green livery - built from a DJH kit .


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