LNER and BR (ER) Models 8



No.67655 is a Gresley V1 class suburban tank, in early BR mixed-traffic livery. Built from a Nu-Cast kit.


No.4482 "Golden Eagle" was the first of Gresley's A4 class locos to be outshopped in the short-lived (for that class) apple green livery, and the only one of the green locos to retain the parabolic curve of the lining around the smokebox area - the others had the whole smokebox painted black up to the first boiler band, which rather negated the streamlined lines of the bodywork. During its next works visit, it was repainted into the normal A4 livery of garter blue. This is a repainted Hornby model.


No.1145 is a Great Northern Railway J5 (reclassified J4 by the LNER after the Grouping in 1923). One of many that I have been commissioned to construct over the coming year or so - all with detail differences. This particular model is of one of the 343 series of locos, which features the Ivatt cab, and sandboxes over the front coupled wheels only. Many other variations will be found in subsequent pages. Built from a London Road Models kit.


The first ever Gresley 'Pacific' - A1 class no.1470 "Great Northern". Seen here in original, 1922 condition - and in the livery of Great Northern Railway, the company that built 'her', which would soon be amalgamated into the LNER at the Grouping in 1923. Built from a DJH kit.


This is a D class (later LNER H1) 4-4-4T, designed by Sir Vincent Raven, and seen here in its pre-Grouping North Eastern Railway livery. Sent to me by a customer for repainting, it was originally built from a DJH kit.


A large-boilered Ivatt 'Atlantic' in the pre-Grouping Great Northern Railway lined green livery - lovely. Built from a DJH kit.



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