LNER and BR (ER) Models 9



An Ivatt small-boilered 'Atlantic', or 'Klondyke', in Great Northern Railway livery. A DJH kit.


No.111 is a Metropolitan Railway / London Transport K class 2-6-4T, built from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


This is a Great Northern Railway L1 class 0-8-2T (later LNER R1), designed by Henry Ivatt. The model has been scratchbuilt, with the customer subsequently sending it to me for painting.


An interesting variation on the Great Northern Railway J5 theme (see page 8). This model portrays one of the '1031' series of locos, and features the company's 'flat-backed' boiler (no dome) and early Stirling half-cab. Detailed differences to the previous loco include outside brake rods, unusual sand box positions either side of the centre driving wheel, deeper side valances to the running pate, and thick (of wooden construction in real life) buffer beams. As can be seen, these locos also wore brass splasher beading. Built from a London Road Models kit.


This is no.13, the former North Eastern Railway's prototype express electric locomotive. It was designed by Sir Vincent Raven in 1920, for his planned electrification of the NER's section of the East Coast main line from York to Newcastle. The Grouping put paid to the scheme however, because the management of the newly-formed LNER was not interested, so it never entered revenue-earning service. It did famously appear at the Stockton and Darlington Railway's centenary celebrations in 1925 however - hauled in the cavalcade by a steam engine! Built by a customer using a Judith Edge kit, and sent to me for painting and lining in the LNER livery in which it appeared at the centenary celebrations - the customer now simply has to finish it off with buffers and pantographs.


More Great Northern J5 variations. No.1083 is one of the 1081 series of locos. Similar to the model of a 1031 series above, but this loco has the domed boiler. Still with a Stirling cab, but with cab roof extension (a little more comfortable for the crew, compared to the half-cab version as seen on no.1031). The unusual fitments either side of the chimney, are for the securing of snow plough chains. Another London Road Models kit.


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