Road Vehicles 2


This little beauty is a Morris 8 Tourer from A.B.S. Models.


Another one of the range of Springside Bedford "O" series lorries - the cattle truck.


A Foden S21 transporter with an International Harvester bullgrader load, all from Langley Miniature Models.


Ah........isn't it cute? A 1957 1 ton electric milk float, from Langley again.


This little creature is a 1950s Nash Metropolitan, which was an American design built by Austin at Longbridge and shipped back over to the States! After a few years in production, with modifications and developements along the way, Austin obtained the rights to distribute them to the rest of the world, and many were seen on Britain's streets. This model was made from an R.Parker kit.


This stylish little beauty is a Morgan Plus 4 Plus - a 1/43 scale model built from a T.W. Collection kit. Apparantly after being launched in 1963, it simply didn't catch on with the Morgan-buying public, so only 26 were ever produced.



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