SR and BR (SR) Models 10


No.311 is a Drummond 'T9' Class loco, in the London and South Western Railway's post-World War One Urie sage green livery. Built from a very old Wills Finecast kit, but fitted with a new etched chassis from South Eastern Finecast.


No.1166 is another Wainwright 'E' Class - same as on page 6, but this time in the normal 1920s/30s period Maunsell lined dark olive green livery.


The Southern seemed to have as many different types of 0-4-4 tanks as they did 4-4-0 tender engines. No.B375 is a 'D3' class, and was built using an old Chivers Finelines kit, now marketed by FIVE79 Model Railway Kits.


No.B153 is an 'E1' Class 0-6-0T - built from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


No.B170 is an 'E3' Class 0-6-2T. These locos were forerunners of the 'E4' class (see page 6), but with smaller driving wheels, and built for freight duties - hence the livery. This model was built by modifying a Rodney Stenning 'E4' kit.


This tiny chap is an Adams 'B4', designed for general shunting and dock work. No.94 retains the Adams chimney and original cab, but some were rebuilt with different cabs for Southampton docks by Drummond, and featured his style of chimney. Built from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


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