SR and BR (SR) Models 11




A variation on the 'B4' theme. This one, no.82, has the same cab as on no.94 on page 10, but is fitted with a Drummond chimney, and has the dome moved rearwards along the boiler. On this model, the dome also houses the safety valves, and the whistle stands alone just in front of the cab. She also sports the Bulleid-style livery, with 'sunshine' lettering and numbers. Again, this loco was built using the South Eastern Finecast kit.


No.2425 "Trevose Head" is an 'H2' Class 'Atlantic', built from a DJH kit.


Another handsome Southern 4-4-0. This is a 'D' Class, designed by Wainwright originally for the South East and Chatham Railway. Built from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


No.62 is another Adams 'T1' (see page 9 for a Southern Railway-liveried model). This one is finished in the Drummond version of the London South Western Railway livery. The LSWR loco livery changed with each new Chief Mechanical Engineer - the Drummond example being the most elaborate, with its brown edging to the green panels, and triple white/black/white lining too. Built from a Craftsman kit.


This impressive loco is an 'H16' Class 4-6-2T, in the immediate post-Grouping SR lined green livery, as no.E516. Built from a Millholme Models kit.


No.1879 is a Maunsell 'N1' Class 'Mogul' - a three-cylinder development of the two-cylinder 'N' class, seen here in Bulleid's wartime plain black livery. Constructed from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


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