SR and BR (SR) Models 13


No.1891 is a Maunsell 'U1' Class 'Mogul'. These three-cylinder machines look very much like the 'N1' class (see pages 11 and 12), and indeed they had many parts in common, however the 'U1' Class locos had 6' diameter driving wheels (instead of the 'N1's' 5' 6" ones).

The history of these locos is a little complicated - the two-cylinder 'U' Class was partly made up by the rebuilding of the ill-fated 'K' Class 'River' tanks. The solitary three-cylinder 2-6-4T "River Frome", no.A890, was also rebuilt, as the prototype 'U1' , and later on was renumbered no.1890. The production 'U1s' all looked like no.1891 above, but the prototype machine had a different design running plate, a legacy of its former 'River' tank days. This model was built from a DJH kit.


This 'D1' Class 4-4-0, no.1246, sports the Bulleid 'wartime' livery, of plain black with 'sunshine' lettering and numbers. Built from a DJH kit.


Another example of Bulleid's 'wartime' plain black livery - this time on '0395' Class 0-6-0 no.3441. Built from a DJH kit.


No.B346 is another ex-LB&SCR 'K' class 'Mogul'. This version differs from the models featured on pages 7 and 12 though, in that it is depicted still sporting its original 'Brighton' cab, and wearing an early post-Grouping Southern Railway number with letter prefix. It is also weathered of course. Built from an Ace Products kit.


Another Adams 'A12', or 'Jubilee' Class loco (so called because they were introduced in Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee year of 1887). These were the last 0-4-2 tender engines to still be in service when the final one was withdrawn in December of 1948. No.597 is seen in Bulleid's plain black 'wartime' livery. Built from a Nu-Cast kit.


No.530 is the first of Maunsell's 'Q' Class 0-6-0 tender locos, a class which eventually totalled 20 examples. Introduced in 1938, after Maunsell's retirement, and designed as goods engines, I'm not sure about the authenticity of the livery of this model (as goods engines they would normally have been painted black), but this is how my customer wanted it, and I must say it does look rather smart. Built from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


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