SR and BR (SR) Models 15


No. B234 is a Stoudley-designed 'D1' 0-4-2T, built from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


This odd-looking little diesel-mechanical shunter was acquired by the Southern Railway around the time of nationalization in 1948. It is of the standard Ruston and Hornsby DS48 (48 HP engine) design, although subject to a number of alterations during its lifetime, and it is now preserved at the Yeovil Railway Centre. Built from a Judith Edge kit.


One of the Kernow Model Rail Centre / DJ Models exclusive Adams 'O2' tanks repainted into London & South Western Railway livery.


This is Bulleid's first main-line electric locomotive, no.CC1, built in 1941, and seen here in malachite green livery. Built from a no-longer-available Genesis kit, the model was originally painted in BR black when acquired by my customer, and was sent to me for repainting.


An interesting variation on the 'King Arthur' theme. This is no.30452 "Sir Meliagrance", a standard Hornby model, with 8-wheeled 'watercart' tender, repainted into the early 1950s BR mixed traffic lined black livery. I'm not totally convinced that this livery is authentic for this class of locomotive, but it was what my customer wanted, and I only do what I'm asked. Authentic or not, it does look very handsome.


I've built many 'C2X' Class models from the popular DJH kit over the years, and quite a few appear in these pages. From the kit, it is possible to build a number of variations, to correspond with the variety of boiler fittings carried by these locos in service over the years. This one is rather special though - quite apart from its London Brighton & South Coast Railway livery, which I had never done before, this is the only one that I have ever been asked to build with the tall, pre-Grouping domes, featuring clack valves and their associated pipework. Also, extra details like loco lamps, cab fall plate, a coaled tender, and crew were requested by my customer, which all in all results in a lovely, 'complete' model.


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