SR and BR (SR) Models 5


No.72 is a 'USA' Class 0-6-0 tank. These locos were brought over to England by the Americans during the preparations for D-Day in 1944. Some never made it across the channel, and were purchased by the Southern Railway for work in Southampton docks. This loco was constructed from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


This is a model of an 'S15' Class goods loco. You will notice the 'family' resemblance to the 'King Arthur' Class locos - they are very similar, except for goods work, the driving wheels are smaller in diameter. Built from a DJH kit.


This interesting little creature (and its later incarnation below) is probably one of the smallest OO gauge locos I have ever constructed. It is built from a South Eastern Finecast kit, and is a model of a crane tank delivered to the S.E.C.R. in 1881 by Neilson & Co. Inherited by the Southern Railway at the Grouping in 1923, it is shown here still with its original cab, and wearing the service number of A234S.


In the late 1930s, A234S was rebuilt with cab spectacle plates and renumbered. The inspiration for this particular guise came from a 1946 photograph, hence the Bullied 'sunshine' lettering. I'm not sure about the lining at this time in the loco's life, but that's how my customer wanted it!


No.A161 is an 'H' Class 0-4-4 tank designed by Wainwright originally for the South East and Chatham Railway. Built using a South Eastern Finecast kit, it is shown here wearing the early post-Grouping Southern Railway livery, with an "A" prefix to the number signifying that the works responsible for maintenance was Ashford.


No.2096 is an 'E1/R' Class 0-6-2T. These locos were converted from Stroudley 'E1' Class 0-6-0s in the 1920s by Maunsell, when the need for more powerful engines for West Country branches was felt. Maunsell simply enlarged the cabs and bunkers, and fitted spare 'N' Class 'Mogul' pony trucks to carry the extra weight. This loco was constructed from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


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