LMS and BR (LMR) Models 4


This is No.5991 "C.J. Bowen Cooke", a small-boilered 'Claughton', in LMS crimson lake livery. The livery looks particularly stunning on this loco, probably due to its pre-Grouping origin, it has a mass of lining around the various inspection holes on the loco, and also the multitude of separate panels on the tender. Very time-consuming to do, but worth it. Built from a DJH kit.


A large-boilered 'Claughton' - no.5946 "Duke of Connaught", again built from a DJH kit.


This interesting little loco is a North London Railway 0-6-0T, seen here in the lined black livery of that company in Victorian times. This model was constructed using a GEM bodyline kit with a Branchlines chassis.


This lovely little loco is a Johnson 1P 0-4-4T, seen here the Deeley version of the Midland Railway livery, which was used from early in the 20th century up to the Grouping in 1923. Built from a Craftsman Models kit.


This beautifully elegant loco is a Midland Railway 115 class, or 'Spinner' as they were nicknamed. On page 2 there is another one of these models, but painted in the earlier, Victorian-era Midland livery. This one wears the later variation of that company's livery, which it would have carried up until the Grouping. Built from a K's kit originally, but, like the other 'Spinner' featured, has had the motor repositioned into the loco.


This is the unique Caledonian Railway 'Single' no.123. The model began life as a Hornby LMS black-liveried loco, but following instructions from a customer, I carried out numerous modifications and detailing (including shortening the over-length running plate at the front, repositioning the front bogie and filling the gap in the frames above it; removing all moulded-on handrails, clack valves and various boiler pipework, and replacing them with brass wire equivalents; and fitting spectacle plate bezels), and finally a complete repaint to Caledonian Railway lined blue livery - such is the transformation. Guilplates supplied the cabside ovals, and Fox Transfers the insignia decals - lovely!


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