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OK, so this page is something of a departure from my normal job of building and painting railway models - all kind-of off piste if you like.  But since my old hobby became my job, I rather got drawn into collecting (only) 1/18 scale car models.

My love of the Mazda MX-5 marque is another hobby I suppose, and these two hobbies come together here, with this die-cast model from AutoArt.  It depicts a car which my wife and I once had (albeit a left-hand-drive version), for over four fun-filled years.




The manufacturers have done a pretty good job of reproducing the folding hard top on this model - what Mazda call a PRHT, or Powered Retractable Hard Top, although on the model it is not actually powered !



OK, so I admit it - this one is actually 12 inches / 1 foot scale.  This is the current 'love of my life' (after my wife of course !), and is a 2.0 Sports Coupe, again with a PRHT.


In front of Cley Hill February 2017


Not sure whether to give this car a name or not - considering "Bob". However, MX-5s are such pretty cars, they really ought to be named after girls (sexist I know, but I am a bit of a 'non-pc' old goat !), but with black alloy wheels like this one has got, it somehow seems to work better if it was given a boy's name, and with a reg. no. like this.........................................

These cars are fabulous, and not expensive to buy or run, and driving one is the most fun you can have with your clothes on !



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