SR and BR (SR) Models 16


No.339 is a 'K' Class 'Mogul' bedecked in the handsome lined umber livery of the pre-Grouping London Brighton & South Coast Railway.  As can clearly be seen, it is an example fitted with a double-domed boiler.  Much additional detail was requested by my customer for this project, including coal, loco crew, fire irons, running lamps and a headcode disc.  Built from an Ace Productions kit.


A Stroudley 'E1' Class 0-6-0T, as transferred to the Isle of Wight, and seen here running as no.4 "Wroxall" in the early 1950s.  Built from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


A Stroudley 'Terrier' - a detailed Hornby model, repainted and weathered as per my customer's instructions, with wiped-clean areas around the running numbers and BR crests. 


A former London & South Western Railway 10T round-ended open wagon, built using a Four Most Models kit, marketed by A.B.S. Models.


This is no.DS74, a Bo Bo electric shunting locomotive built by the London & South Western Railway in 1899.  This loco's intended purpose is a little obscure, being built to the London tube loading gauge, but seemed to have spent most of its life, until withdrawal in the 1960s, based at Wimbledon, and used for shunting coal wagons in the nearby Durnsford Road power station.  Built from a Judith Edge kit.


A weathered 'Z' Class 0-8-0T no.954. 



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