SR and BR (SR) Models 9


No. 1786 is another Maunsell 'L1' Class 4-4-0. Unlike the one on page 8 however, this one wears the post-war malachite green livery favoured by Bullied. Again this model was constructed using a PDK kit.


This is an example of the mainland version of the Adams 'O2' class 0-4-4T. It differs from those that worked on the Isle of Wight in many detailed ways. I oW versions had large pumps fitted to the left hand side of the smokebox, and an air reservoir on top of the left hand water tank. Also the coal bunkers were extended rearwards and upwards for the island-based locos, and of course, they were named. This model is built from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


No.2332 is an 'N15X' Class loco. They were rebuilds by Maunsell, of older 'Baltic' (4-6-4) tank locos, but by the 1930s, their work was drying up, so a rebuilding program was initiated. The first of the tanks was named "Rememberance", and was The LBSCR's tribute to soldiers that fell in The Great War. Upon rebuilding, the names were retained, and even added to, with this particular loco being called "Stroudley". This model was built using a now unavailable Nu-Cast kit.


This is no.B535, a 'C2' class loco, wearing the short-lived Southern Railway lined black goods livery. The model is build using a DJH kit.


A variation on the Southern 0-4-4T theme. This particular one is a 'T1' class - built from a Craftsman kit.


No.E272 is a 'G6' Class 0-6-0T - built from a South Eastern Finecast kit.


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