Churchward heavy freight 2-8-0 no.2805 trundles under the Oxford Road bridge, pass the brewery on a coal train. In 1960, this loco was based at Newton Abbott, and was the oldest surviving 28xx still in service. It still sported inside steam pipes and square drop-frame ahead of the cylinders. In real life, this loco could sometimes be seen with a larger tender, but I chose to model it with the normal Chuchward 3500 gallon one. This model is one of the latest Hornby locos. Unfortunately, when I did this, Hornby didn't make a square-framed loco in BR livery, so I had to repaint and weather the GWR version, which came with a 'shirtbutton' totem.


The prototype for the 'Hall' class, no.4900 "Saint Martin", eases past Coleston signal box with a semi-fast passenger train. Originally no.2925, and built in 1907, this loco was chosen to be re-built in 1924, with 6 foot diameter driving wheels, in an attempt to make a mixed-traffic engine from the express passenger 'Saint' type. Fitted also with a Collett side-window cab, the experiment was a great success, and the 'Hall' class resulted. She was re-numbered 4900, but kept her original name. During the 1950s, this loco occasionally ran with a Churchward 3500 gallon tender (instead of the normal,'Hall' 4000 gallon type), and this is how I have modelled it.


An immaculate Old Oak condensing pannier tank (presumably on a running-in turn) no.9704 trundles through the station with a pick-up goods.


A sign of the times! Prototype diesel "Lion", thunders through Coleston on a parcels train. When first built, this loco ran test trains on the Western Region, and London to Bristol parcels workings were a common duty.


'Castle' class no.5071 "Spitfire" approaches Coleston on a 'down' express passenger working.


Another one of my 'Castles' - this is one of the 'Star' rebuilds, no.5083 "Bath Abbey", which has just come off a through passenger to the north via Oxford (the train being taken over by an Eastern Region loco). Those two chaps are still trying to clear the ash pile.



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