LMS and BR (LMR) Models 6


No.54465 is a Pickersgill 113 class 4-4-0, originally built for the Caledonian Railway, and part of the 'Dunalastair' series of locos. Taken in to LMS stock at the Grouping, it survived to serve for British Railways, and is seen here in the early 1950s lined black, mixed traffic livery. I did not actually build this model - it was sent to me for restoration, from a rather sad-looking, ex-Nu-Cast CR-liveried loco, to the transformation you see here.


Another delightful little Johnson-designed 2-4-0 for the Midland Railway - similar to the 1400 class loco featured on page 5, but this time with smaller driving wheels.  The body for this model is an old Ratio plastic kit, but fitted with a modern etched chassis, Markits wheels and Mashima motor. 


Another variation on the ex-Caledonian Railway 439 class 0-4-4T.  By the time BR had inherited this class, most had received LMS boiler fittings, including the rather ugly 'stovepipe' chimney modification (compare photos on page 5).  This one however, no.55214, although sporting LMS fittings such as Ross 'pop' safety valves and the vacuum ejector pipe along the top of the boiler, still retained its Caledonian Railway 'lipped' chimney.  As before, built from the DJH kit.


The former Midland Railway's famous Lickey banker, 'Big Bertha' again (see page 2), in its British Railways guise this time, as no.58100, with cut-down tender sides and Ross 'pop' safety valves.  As before, built from the DJH kit.


A 9' wheelbase wooden-solebar open wagon built from an ABS Models kit.


This lovely little loco, no.201A, is a Kirtley 0-6-0 'Well Tank' - meaning that instead of carrying its water in side-tanks, saddle-tanks, or pannier-tanks, as on other railways, it is carried in a 'well tank' beneath the boiler, generally between the locomotive's frames.  The rather quaint vintage design, and its lack of proper cab (just a weather-board for protection of the crew, when running forwards !) indicates its Victorian ancestry.  Built from a Peter K kit.


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