LNER and BR (ER) Models 10



Another variation on the Great Northern J5 theme. No.1106 is one of the 315 series of locos, similar to the 343 series engine on page 8, with Ivatt cab, but this series had sand boxes for the centre driving wheels, and the front coupled wheels. Again, a London Road Models kit.


Originally designed by James Holden for the Great Eastern Railway as the R24 and R24R classes, the history of the subsequently LNER J67 / J69 locos is rather complicated, with many variations. To the South Eastern Finecast kit's credit, most of these variations can be accommodated within it. This particular model is of J69/1 no.68609.


The detail differences of the Great Northern Railway J5 class of locos has been well illustrated over recent pages - numerous sub-classes make this series of locos, which I have been building over the past couple of years, very complex, yet equally very interesting. Here is yet another variation, brought about when various members of the original Stirling and Ivatt J5 classes were rebuilt with larger boilers. The GNR did not carry out this rebuilding en mass, but in a piecemeal fashion, choosing odd locos for modifying as and when they went through the works in their normal pattern. This rebuilding gave rise to the J4 class (J3 in LNER days), and examples could be found with a variety of cab, sandbox, buffer beam, footplate valance and tender combinations, depending on which J5 sub-class loco just happened to be treated at the time, which could be a nightmare for the unwary modeller! I just relied on information supplied by my customer - phew!

This model then, is a rebuilt 315 series loco - as in the picture at the top of the page, with Ivatt cab, and sandboxes on the leading and centre driving-wheel splashers. Note the running numbers - the 315 series J5 at the top of the page is no.1106, whilst the rebuilt loco above, a reboilered 315 series, and hence a J4, is no.1109. As usual, built from a London Road Models kit.


This rather impressive-looking loco is a Gresley A8 4-6-2T, seen here in early BR lined black livery. This class of engines was the result of the rebuilding, between 1931 and 1936, of Sir Vincent Raven's earlier D class (later LNER H1) 4-4-4 tanks - see page 8. Built from a DJH kit.


This is one of a pair of Ivatt K1 class 0-8-0 models sent to me for painting into the Great Northern Railway's goods grey livery. Nicknamed 'Long Toms' because of the length of their boilers, they became classes Q1 and Q2 in LNER days, and were withdrawn from service between 1926 and 1935. The solitary large-boilered Q3 variant lasted until 1937.


No.15 here is a Great Northern Railway J21 class 0-6-0.  This class was separated into 'saturated' and 'superheated'-boilered varieties, and this particular model is of one of the 'saturated' engines.  After the Grouping in 1923, the newly-formed LNER reclassified them as J1 for the 'saturated' locos, and J2 for the 'superheated' ones (see page 11).  Built from Ace Kits components.


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