LNER and BR (ER) Models 6


This is no.534, a Great Northern Railway J22 class (521 series), seen in that company's goods grey livery, and coupled to a Stirling tender. These locos were re-classified J6 in LNER days. It is built using a London Road Models kit.


This is how "Flying Scotsman" may have looked had the LNER decided to perpetuate the garter blue A4 colour scheme to other locos. This was a special commission from a customer, and although not authentic (as far as I am aware), is rather interesting.


Another interesting loco. Looking a bit like a foreshortened A4, this is actually a B17/5 4-6-0. Two standard B17 "footballers" were streamlined and renamed especially for the East Anglian services in 1937 - this loco, no.2859 "East Anglian" herself, and no.2870 "City of London". Due to the relatively low line speeds on the former Great Eastern section, it is doubtful if the streamlining had any practical effect though, and was really little more than a publicity excersize. This is a Hornby B17 loco and tender chassis, fitted with a resin body - the tender top was streamlined too. At the time of writing, the parentage of the resin castings is not clear, as I was just asked to paint the already constructed model.


This is another Great Northern Railway J22, similar to the one at the top of the page, but of the later 536 series. These locos had the boiler set back further than the earlier version, hence the slightly smaller cab. They also featured sand-boxes as part of the front splashers. Another London Road Models kit.


This handsome loco is a Pollitt design for the Great Central Railway, in whose livery this loco is finished, as no.1020, a member of the 11B class. After the Grouping in 1923, the LNER reclassified these locos D9. This model was built using a now obsolete DJH kit.


No.2402 "City of York". This impressive looking loco, with its long parallel boiler, was designed by Sir Vincent Raven, originally for the North Eastern Railway - the first two emerging from Darlington works in 1922. No.2402 was one of a batch of three built in 1924. The design was not successful however, and the LNER board decided to standardise on Gresley designs instead - the last of the Raven 'Pacifics' being withdrawn in 1937. Built from a limited edition DJH kit, now no longer available.


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