LNER and BR (ER) Models 7



A trio of Ivatt C2 'Atlantic' tanks now.  Designed and built for the Great Northern Railway in the late 19th century, they were consequently absorbed into the LNER at the Grouping, and survived well into the BR era too.


Under the LNER they became class C12, and this first loco is painted in a lightly weathered version that company's wartime livery of plain black with N E on the tank sides.


No.1504 is a C2 in its original Great Northern Railway guise. This one you will notice, has condensing apparatus, fitted for working in the London area.


Another GNR C2 'Atlantic' tank - this one however, has no condensing apparatus. All three of these models were built using South Eastern Finecast kits.





This loco was built by a customer from a Wessex Pro-Scale kit, and sent to me for finishing off - yes, I'm always ready to lend a helping hand when I can. No.2001 was Gresley's first P2 class loco, and was named "Cock o' The North" (see page 1 for more P2s).


In the mid 1940s, when serious work was needed on the Gresley P2s, Thompson chose to rebuild the whole class as 'Pacifics'. As it was wartime, and the work needed to be done as cost-effectively as possible, it was decided to retain as many of the original parts as was practical. However, this did result in a rather ungainly-looking front end to the resulting locos, which did nothing to ease the controversy surrounding the decision to rebuild them in the first place. Constructed from a DJH kit.


Designed by Reid for the North British Railway, these locos were to be found on Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen suburban services. No.9450 wears the LNER lined black, mixed-traffic livery. Built from a Nu-Cast kit.



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